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LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE SPORT OF LAWN BOWLS WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION: Boronia Bowls Club Inc. has a coaching scheme which has been specifically structured to enable anyone who would like to find out more about this international sport to do so without cost or obligation.

Each Thursday evening at around 5.00pm from early October until the end of March, FREE, WITHOUT OBLIGATION, coaching sessions are conducted at the Club. These sessions include both practical on the green tuition and also theoretical instruction. The course runs for several weeks and all equipment required for its duration is provided by the Club free of charge. Furthermore coaches who have been accredited by the Australian Institute of Sport conduct all coaching.

Once a potential new player has demonstrated to the coach that he or she has the ability to correctly deliver a bowl they will be cleared to play in a few social games to fully ascertain whether they enjoy the competition and fellowship of the sport. Past experience has shown that if 2 or 3 friends commence coaching at the same time the whole experience of learning this unique sport will be even more enjoyable.

At the conclusion of each coaching session the Club provides complimentary tea and coffee. This will afford the opportunity to meet and chat to the others who may be attending the coaching sessions and also meet some of the existing members of the Club.

The one thing that the Club prides itself on above all others is that of being the “Friendly Club”. Visitors are always most welcome whether they would just like to watch a game to see how the sport is played or enjoy the hospitality of the Club at one or more of the many social activities which are arranged by the Club throughout the year. If you just want to have a look, you are invited to come in and watch from one of the seats, which are located adjacent to the greens. The gardens and hedges that surround the greens are to keep the wind out, NOT the visitors.

How about dropping in at our club to have a cuppa and find out about the wonderful sport of bowls from one of the members.

Want to take things further and join our club?  Download an Application Form and mail or come and hand it to us.  We would love to hear from you.